A Series of Metaphoric Cards

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These beautiful decks of cards stimulate creativity and communication! A colourful springboard lending wings to imagination, they are a cross between game and book.
They are both a tool and a game at the same time for adults and children of all ages – suitable for a wide spectrum of use, from family play to team training in industry. Fun for all and everyone wins!

Each individual deck can be used on its own or in conjunction with any (or all) of the others, like building blocks for creativity. Unlimited variations are possible. Easy-to-follow instructions for play and work are included with every deck. This series is now available around the world in 24 different languages.
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Visit the new website www.OH-Cards-Institute.org to find professional methods and academic descriptions of the use of this genre worldwide.

Artists wanted: if you wish to be part of this exciting genre, please contact us. We are always on the lookout.

OH Workshops/Seminars with Moritz Egetmeyer

If you are interested in attending for a day or a weekend please contact us or the local organizers. Regular dates are organized in Cologne, Stutgart, Berlin, Winterthur, Barcelona. Anybody who wishes to organize such a workshop with Moritz Egetmeyer at their location is invited to contact us. We will gladly assist you: info@oh-cards.com

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25/26. 3. 2017 | Sofia, Bulgaria

Krassimira Boneva
Tel + 359878468181
Mail: info@oh-cardsbg.com

20/21 5. 2017 BERLIN, OH Basic + OH intensiv

Moritz Egetmeyer
Tel.: 07661 6362
Mail info@OH-Cards.com

Flyer Berlin 2017
16. - 18.6.2017 | Hong Kong

Lewis Ngai
Phone +852. 51.13. 28.40
Mail info@hkioh.com
Web www.hkioh.com

Flyer Hong Kong 2017
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