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W. Brugh Joy, M.D., author of Joy’s Way – A Map of the Transformational Journey, commented about Adam’s book:
“The OH Cards are a wondrously useful, intuitive tool to access the forces that lie behind an event or question. In Adam Bourgeois’ hands the two decks of OH, one each of words and pictures, become both oracular and revelatory. He delves into the symbolism of the cards and shows how they trigger emotions, intuitions, feelings, fantasies, and ideas to express our innermost realms.”

Dick Gregory, political and social commentator and activist, entertainer, writer, and author of Callus On My Soul, said:
“Adam Bourgeois and I discovered the world of the metaphysical together many years ago. We have explored the inner workings of the psyche in cities around the world, Paris, Montreal, Moscow, Athens, Rome, London, Puerto Vallarta, Casablanca, Cairo, as well as throughout the United States. During this time, Adam has honed his skills as a reader and a teacher. He takes calls from all over at all hours. In this book he passes on some of his wonderful philosophy and knowledge. He gave me a set of OH Cards when he first found them, and for us OH has proved to be the best personal tool for self-development that I know of. This magnificent book will do the same for its readers.”

Barbara Biziou, author of The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals, also commented:
“Adam illustrates the ease with which you can use the OH Cards to explore your deepest secrets and the joy that comes with the rewards of understanding. He is a true teacher and guide. Don’t miss a chance to learn from him.”

Ely Raman, artist, co-author of The Little Book About The OH Cards, and creator of The OH Cards.
“This book by Adam Bourgeois is a journey to the place from which all essential waters of life flow. His is the voice of the experienced traveler sharing the delights of his adventures, pointing out exotic corners and wondrous vistas, and urging exploration on our own to find our own delights.”

Dr. Ofra Ayalon, Israel, 1999
“Dear Mo, I thought the following might be of interest to you. I have just returned from Turkey, having completed a four days intensive seminar with 90 Turkish psychologists on the theme of emergency psycho-social intervention with survivors of the earthquake. Our team of the Israeli Community Stress Prevention Centre arrived in Istanbul on the 10th day after the disaster, responding to an urgent call from a colleague and sponsored by the Jewish community of Istanbul and Turkish Airlines.

Our work included debriefing of the participants as “near miss” survivors, sharing our knowledge on the effects of trauma and loss on children, family and community, training in creative verbal and non-verbal methods of communicating with traumatized children (including our therapeutic cards, of course!).

We used the cards among other methods also to help in planning field-work in the devastated communities. All participants signed a commitment to volunteer in direct contact with survivors for the next 6 months. Some of the participants shared with us drawings by children in the makeshift camps around the city, which reflected their horror and misery. The reception we received was very warm and the whole encounter was quite moving, as we witnessed the transformation from pain, grief and frustration into courageous expectations of the participants for getting out there and trying to use the new learned methods to alleviate some of the suffering. The sights of the devastation have followed me home, in a bizarre mixture with the beauty of the beauty of the Turkish scenery. Nature seemed totally indifferent.”