Card Deck Morená

Walde Mar de Andrade

Walde Mar de Andrade e Silva has been painting for many years scenes from the life of the Xingú Indians, a tribe with whom he is related and whose life he has intensively shared. Never and nowhere else, says Walde Mar, has he experienced happier, more peaceful people.

His impressive paintings have brought him renown well beyond the borders of his native Brazil. Walde Mar has made it his mission not only to present to us – who know so little of this original peace and ordinary joy – such images, but also to lead us there through the medium of the cards called MORENA (the Xingú name for the place of human origin). Walde Mar´s home in Sao Paulo has grown into a cultural centre for native themes, a crossroad between civilisation and nature.
MORENA has been highly praised in the European press for the playful access it offers to a different ethnic experience.