Card Deck 1001

Andrée Pouliot

Canadian artist Andrée Pouliot calls herself “a visual storyteller“. With 1001, a deck of 55 gouache-and-pastel miniatures painted especially for this genre of associative cards, she demonstrates her finely-honed ability to meet that description.
Originally from Ottawa, Andrée completed an honours programme in graphic art before moving to India. There she lived for seventeen years in the ancient city of Jaipur, applying the classical training she´d received in techniques as various as photography and Japanese brush-painting chiefly to her work in textile design.

During her years in the Orient Andrée also expanded her studies to include Indian miniature painting, Hinduism and the mythologies of India and Persia. Nor did her interests stop there – her research of classical Indian dance and erotic literature, Sanskrit love poetry and the wide range of fine indigenous handcrafts of Rajastan all influenced the character and quality of her own art.

Back in Canada, in 2000 Andrée applied her diverse talents assisting in research, documentation and aquisitions for an exhibition at The Canadian Museum of Civilisation entitled “India- The Living Arts“.
Recent projects include digital animations and sound pieces for the web based on her own stories and paintings. “My Life In India Over Three Centuries“, one of such pieces, was funded by a grant from the City of Ottawa Arts Funding Programme.

Through her multi-facetted studies and experiences Andrée has become a link between Orient and Occident. The 1001 cards are a perfect medium for the intricate synthesis of her artistic style, abilites and interests. Andrée´s work has been exhibited extensively in Canada, and in the USA and England.