55 Picture cards, segments of Paul Gauguin´s South Sea Paintings (limited edition, black box, gold stamp)

Paul Gauguin (1848 – 1903) created the vivid works of his later life on the remote islands of Tahiti. He expressed his fascination for the culture in paintings that sought to fulfill his deep longings for beauty and original innocence. He painted scenes of daily life, the countryside and people, mostly women.
Images rich in poetry and an apparent harmony that seemed indigenous to paradise pervade the works.

These 55 cards, selected images out of his most beautiful paintings, are an invitation to journey in fantasy to the South Seas. We can create our own stories based on Gauguins motifs. The TAHITI cards, like tantalising pieces of a greater mosaic, captivate the viewer´s eye for detail and invite us to extend them with our own creative fantasy.

Autor: Paul Gauguin