99 picture cards plus 44 action signs about life as a couple

The 99 painted images depict scenes of couple-life, symbolizing feelings, wishes, needs, conflicts, and healing patterns that emerge in the continuous flow of couple relationships. In cooperation with Ofra Ayalon, decades of experience in couple counselling and therapy were added to artist Marina Lukyanova´s gifted hand when painting the topics covered by this substantial tool.

Using signs, 44 action cards suggest the idea of a roadmap for a couple´s journey of woe and joy. The TANDOO cards offer fresh views and thoughts, feelings and actions. True to the genre of the OH Cards, TANDOO Cards can be seen metaphorically and interpreted in a multitude of ways. TANDOO is a tool for private and professional use. It can be combined with every other OH genre deck.

Author: Ofra Ayalon
Artwork: Marina Lukyanova